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Aaronia Broadband Horn Antenna Aaronia PowerLOG 40400

Aaronia Broadband Horn Antenna Aaronia PowerLOG 40400
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Aaronia Broadband Horn Antenna Aaronia PowerLOG 40400
Aaronia Broadband Horn Antenna Aaronia PowerLOG 40400

Country of Manufacture: Germany

Dimensions: 74x55x38 mm (L/B/H)

Design: Double Ridged Horn
Frequency range: 4GHz - 40GHz (calibrated from 18GHz)
Guarantee: 10 years
Weight: 150g
Gain (typ.): max. 17dBi
RF connection: K 2.92mm (weiblich) or SMA-connection via Adapter (optional)

Included with delivery: PowerLOG 40400, specific calibration data, mounting plate

Max. transmission power: 300W (peak), 150W (CW)

Nominal impedance: 50 Ohms

Tripod connection: 1/4"

VSWR (typ.): <1:2




2 010 EUR

  • Extremely wide frequency range from 4GHz to 40GHz (calibrated from 18GHz to 40GHz)
  • Supports high input levels up to 300W (peak) or 150W (CW)
  • High gain up to 17dBi
  • Delivered including specific calibration data
  • Perfect for EMC and immunity tests with Spectrum Analyzer
  • Dimensions: 74x55x38mm
  • Weight: 150g
  • Made in Germany
  • 10 years warranty

The horn antennas of the Aaronia PowerLog® series are characterized by an enormous broad frequency range and very high input powers.


The gain increases with increasing frequency up to max. 17 dBi.

This gain increase compensates the increasing cable losses at higher frequencies.


The PowerLog 40400 is suitable for both transmitting and receiving purposes.

Due to the very high maximum transmission power of up to 300W (peak), the PowerLog is especially suitable for EMC and immunity test measurements.


The antenna is delivered including specific calibration data.

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