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HomeHigh Voltage ProductsDC/DC HV Suppliesiseg EPS HV power supply Module & 3U up to 30kV/150W

iseg EPS HV power supply Module & 3U up to 30kV/150W

iseg EPS HV power supply Module & 3U up to 30kV/150W
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The EPS series consists of DC/DC converters and covers high voltage modules up to 30kV or a maximum power of 150W in either a compact metal housing or in 3U cassette.

The HV output is provided either as HV cable with open end or in the 3U version with HV connector. The output voltage is controlled with help of an external potentiometer which is supplied from the internal reference voltage.

Analogue I/O is also offered for control and monitoring. Hardware limits for current and voltage and an INHIBIT signal protect connected units.




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EPS series in 3U cassette or compact box with high voltages up to 30 kV or 150 W output power


  • Usable for desktop HV power supplies (THQ-series)
  • Integrable in multichannel HV systems (MMC)
  • Positive (+) or negative (-) polarity (factory fixed, please specify)
  • Extraordinary stable output voltage regulation
  • Capacity charger (option CLD) with high repetition accuracy at high charging frequencies
  • Patented resonance mode principle, low EMI, low ripple and noise
  • Compact box with cable for high voltage output and DC supply input via D-SUB 9 male and screw terminal
  • 3U cassette with HV output on SHV or Lemo HV connector output and DC supply input via H15 connector


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