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HomeHigh Voltage ProductsSystemsMMC systemiseg MMC Module system in 19"-3U up to 20kV, 60W

iseg MMC Module system in 19"-3U up to 20kV, 60W

iseg MMC Module system in 19
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iseg MMC Module system in 19
iseg MMC Module system in 19
iseg MMC Module system in 19

19"-3U HV system from 500 V up to 15 kV at 12 up to 60 W

  • Crate with wide range common power supply
  • Flexible system with up to 10 HV modules
  • Equipped with CPS, DPS, or EPS modules.
  • Control via CAN Interface with multi channel CAN I/O
  • Functions: set and read voltage, current and ramp
  • HV off, INHIBIT, KILLENABLE, electronic switched
  • polarity in DPS modules with option EPU
  • Control software: isegHVM under Windows, OPC server





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This modular system is built out of a 19" crate with a wide range common
PS and a back plane with slots for up to 10 HV modules and the multi channel CAN I/O CIOFxx.


It is "application oriented" assembled out of the well known modules of the CPS, DPS and EPS series (see the technical data there).

Based on these modules this flexible system covers the output voltage range up to 15 kV and the output power range up to 60 W and each CAN I/O CIOFxx (see the technical data there) allows to set and monitor
the output voltage and current with 16 bit resolution.

It is also possible to set the voltage ramp and to set several functions for the monitoring of voltage and current.


The DPS module with option EPU is able to switch the polarity electronically.

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