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Schlöder SFT 1420 Burst-Generator 2 MHz

Schlöder SFT 1420 Burst-Generator 2 MHz
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The test generator simulates quick transient noise interference as they are defined in several standards (IEC 61000-4-4, EN 61000-4-4).

In generally this noise interference are mostly generated by switched inductive loads. The single pulses show a very short rise-time within the range of nano-seconds and due to this a wide RF-spectra up to 300 MHz, generating RF-interference.


By increasing the number of pulses within the burst packet time-critical events may be tested in connection with the exact triggering of the SFT 1420.

The generator includes several special functions such as „Real Burst“ which simulates the natural appearance of the burst phenomena or „Sweep“ to simulate the bouncing of an electrical contact.

The functions „IFM“ and „DFM“ (increasing and decreasing frequency) are powerful instruments to investigate resonance or saturation effects in the tested device.

The easy operation and the clearly arranged front panel with the generator settings allows a time-saving and optimized testing in the fields of:


  • Research and design: test with fixed standard values and investigations with variable settings (search for worst caste).
  • Quality insurance: test with fixed standard values, manual adjustable or automatic test procedure by remote computer control.
  • Service: handy unit an easy to be operated.
All parameters like voltage, frequency, burst duration and burst period are variably adjustable. 



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  • Frequency up to 2000 kHz
  • max. 2000 pulses per packet
  • Continuos burst up to 15 kHz
  • Special function: "Real-Burst", "Sweep", "IFM" u. a.
  • 1 phase coupling network 16 A include
  • Memory - function
  • Single spike to continuous bursts

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