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Guildline 6622T Series Thermometry Bridges

Guildline 6622T Series Thermometry Bridges
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There are two models in the 6622T Thermometry Bridge Series providing increasing levels of accurary and are wellsuited for temperature calibration and research.


The use of a DCC bridge in thermometry is beneficial as it hasinherently better noise immunity to external electromagnetic noise and mechanical disturbance.


One of the key features of Guildline's Thermometry bridges is that they are verified at the lower currents found in thermometry.


The 6622T Provides the Widest Range of Temperature Measurement of Any Commercially Available Temperature Bridge Today!




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  • Accuracy to 0.025 mK (i.e. best uncertainty at 0.1 ppm)
  • Extended Performance (XP) Model Provides Best Accuracy at 0.013 mK (i.e. best uncertainty at 0.05 ppm)
  • Wide Range From 0.1 Ω ~ 100 kΩ, Supporting a Wide Variety of SPRT's, PRT's, RTD's Including Ruthenium Oxide RTD's Used In Cryogenic Applications
  • Built in Temperature Conversion for ITS-90 and IPTS-68
  • Optimized for Operation at Low Power Levels and Higher Speeds
  • Optional Thermometry Adaptor with Programmable Pre-Heat and Full Automation Capability
  • Graphical and Statistical Display
  • Resolution: ± 0.001 ppm of Full Scale
  • Linearity: ± 0.01 ppm of Full Scale
  • Wide Range of Ratios: 0.1:1 ~ 100:1
  • Fully Programmable IEEE 488.2
  • BridgeWorks™ Data Acquisition Software
  • Unique Calibration Support Strategy
  • Complete Measurement Systems Available
  • Optional Internal Resistance Calibration

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