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SRS SIM983 Analog scaling amplifier

SRS SIM983 Analog scaling amplifier
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SRS SIM983 Analog scaling amplifier
SRS SIM983 Analog scaling amplifier



Impedance 1 MΩ
Bandwidth DC to 1 MHz
Input noise (typ.) 45 nV/√Hz @ 1 kHz
Offset ±10 V (3½-digit resolution)
Max. input ±10 V
Gain ±0.01 to ±19.99
Max. output ±10 V
THD 0.003 % (90 dB) @ 1 kHz
Slew rate 70 V/µs
Operating temp. 0 °C to 40 °C, non-condensing

Interface Serial via SIM interface
Connectors BNC (2 front-panel, 1 rear-

panel) DB15 (male) SIM

Power Power supplied by the SIM900

Mainframe, or optionally by a

user-supplied DC power supply

(±15 V and +5 V)

Dimensions 1.5" × 3.6" × 7.0" (WHL)
Weight 1.5 lbs.
Warranty One year parts and labor on

defects in materials and





Ask for quotation




  • Adjustable gain and offset
  • 3½-digit resolution
  • 1 MHz bandwidth
  • Low-noise input
  • ±10 V operating range

The SIM983 Scaling Amplifier provides fine adjustable gain and offset control for analog signals.

Both gain and offset are set with 3½ digits of resolution, and the signal path has more than 1 MHz of bandwidth.

Its low noise, high gain, and high slew rate make the SIM983 a very convenient tool for sensitive analog signal conditioning.


The digital control circuitry in the SIM983 is designed with SRS's special clock-stopping architecture in which the microcontroller is turned on only when switch settings are being changed.


This guarantees that no digital noise contaminates low-level analog signals.


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