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Rigol PA1011 Power Amplifier 10W

Rigol PA1011 Power Amplifier 10W
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3 930 SEK (Exkl. moms)

4 912,50 SEK (Inkl. moms)

  • Easily and neatly communicate with DG and PC software through the USB interface;
  • Enables to set the Gain (x1 or x10), Polarity (Invert or Normal),
  • Output offset and the output status in connection with its software;
  • Up to 50kΩ output impedance;
  • The integrated output protection circuit (overcurrent protection and internal temperature abnormal protection) provided with ensures the instrument is working stably and safely;
  • Compact size, easy to carry and use.
The amplifier is one of the options provided for RIGOL DG Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators, with up to 1MHz full power bandwidth and higher than 80 V/μs slew rate, which can be
used in fast constructions of a test platform in connection with all DG series products, and as a single power amplifier in coordination
with other generators.


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