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TTi TG120 Analog funktionsgenerator 20MHz

TTi TG120 Analog funktionsgenerator 20MHz
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TTi TG120 Analog funktionsgenerator 20MHz




2 750 SEK (Exkl. moms)

3 437,50 SEK (Inkl. moms)

  • 20MHz dial set function generator
  • 0.2Hz to 20MHz frequency range
  • Sine, square and triangle waveforms plus dc
  • 10mV to 20V pk-pk from 50 Ohms
  • DC offset control with zero detent
  • Variable symmetry control
  • External sweep input
  • Very low cost

20MHz from a low-cost generator!

Most lower cost function generators use a technology which enables them to operate up to no more than 2MHz.

The TG120 utilises an alternative technology which retains its waveform quality right up to 20MHz.

Variable symmetry for pulse and ramp waveforms

The TG120 provides switchable bi-directional variable symmetry which enables variable duty cycle pulse waveforms and sawtooths to be generated.


Sweep mode operation (external)

The TG120 can be operated in sweep mode by connecting anexternal sweep voltage.

A sweep range of at least 20:1 can be achieved.


Wide range level control

The TG120 provides a main output with a maximum emf of 20Vpk-pk from a 50Ω source.

An amplitude vernier with a range of 26dB is combined with two -20dB switched attenuators to provide levels down to 10mV pkpk.

Variable DC offset of ±10V is available via a centre detentcontrol.
An auxilliary output provides a fixed 0 to +5V level suitable for driving both TTL and CMOS loads.





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