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HemBänkinstrumentLCR InstrumentTTi LCR400 LCR Meter med 0,1% basonoggrannhet, 10 kHz

TTi LCR400 LCR Meter med 0,1% basonoggrannhet, 10 kHz

TTi LCR400 LCR Meter med 0,1% basonoggrannhet, 10 kHz
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TTi LCR400 LCR Meter med 0,1% basonoggrannhet, 10 kHz
TTi LCR400 LCR Meter med 0,1% basonoggrannhet, 10 kHz
TTi LCR400 LCR Meter med 0,1% basonoggrannhet, 10 kHz


Parameters Measured: R, L, C, D, & Q.
Parameter Selection: Manual or automatic selection of R, L or C.
Measurement Modes: Series or parallel equivalent circuit.
Range Hold: Prevents autoranging when changing components.
Zero Function: Nulls out up to 100pF at test fixture.
Measurement Freq.: Selectable as 100Hz/120Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz.
Displayed Functions: R+Q, L+Q, C+D, C+R.


Interface Type: RS-232 via 9 pin D connector, 9600 baud.
Interface Function: Full command and readback capability.





8 530 SEK (Exkl. moms)

10 662,50 SEK (Inkl. moms)

  • 0.1% basic measurement accuracy
  • Dual 5 digit high brightness displays
  • Automatic component recognition
  • Built-in 4 terminal component fixture
  • Limits comparator with 8 Pass bins plus 2 Fail bins
  • Three test frequencies, switchable bias
  • RS232 interface standard
  • Optional Surface Mount Tweezers, BNC connectors, Kelvin Clip test lead set, and PC logging software

Anyone who has tried to purchase a high accuracy meter for LCR measurement at a reasonable cost will have discovered the problem. 
There are plenty of low cost hand-held LCR meters available, but the accuracy is poor and the facilities very limited. 


There are plenty of high performance LCR bridges available, but the costs are typically an order of magnitude greater than the simple hand-held units. 
The LCR400 bridges the gap. It provides the performance and facilities required for precision component measurement at a price not far above that of a hand-held unit. 


The LCR400 is a low-cost precision LCR bridge intended for use within component inspection, laboratories and production facilities. The basic measurement accuracy is 0.1% and the maximum measurement frequency is 10kHz.



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