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HemStrömförsörjningLaboratorieaggregatManuellt styrda aggregatToellner TOE 8730 serien linjära aggregat, 2, 3- eller 5 kanaler, upp till 150W

Toellner TOE 8730 serien linjära aggregat, 2, 3- eller 5 kanaler, upp till 150W

Toellner TOE 8730 serien linjära aggregat, 2, 3- eller 5 kanaler, upp till  150W
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The dual-output power supplies
8732 series offer two absolutely identical supply units in a single housing. 
The outputs are electrically isolated from each other and floating. They can be easily connected either in parallel or in series, and are additionally provided with a tracking facility that allows output II to be synchronized by output I.
The two power supplies then provide a positive voltage and a negative voltage compared to the common reference point. Current limits for the two outputs can be set independently of each other.
The triple-output power supplies
8733 series have three independent floating outputs. The 16 V, 32 V and 48 V outputs are mainly intended to supply linear circuits.
The output voltage and output current are adjustable using ten-turn potentiometers. A tracking facility is provided.
The 0 to 7 V output has a current rating of 3 A or 5 A as standard and is chiefly intended for supplying digital circuits.
The quintuple-output power supplies

The TOE 8735 power supplies have five independent floating outputs. The 16 V and 32 V outputs are mainly used to supply linear circuits, the 7 V output chiefly serves to supply digital systems.

The symmetrical fixed voltage output can be used to supply bipolar or CMOS components. The 16 V and 32 V outputs are provided with a tracking facility. The output values are displayed on three selectable 3½-digit LCDs; the max. resolution is 10 mV or 1 mA.




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  • Dual-output, triple-output and quintuple-output power supplies
  • Electrically decoupled outputs
  • Extremely low residual ripple < 50 µV
  • Analog remote control possible
  • Down to 1 mA resolution
  • Digital display of voltage and current
  • Electrically decoupled outputs
  • Precise digital displays 


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