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HemHögspänningsprodukterSystemNIM based systemsiseg NHQ High voltage power supplies in 1/12 NIM standard cassette

iseg NHQ High voltage power supplies in 1/12 NIM standard cassette

iseg NHQ High voltage power supplies in 1/12 NIM standard cassette
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  • Outpt voltage 2-8kV depending on model
  • 1 channel and 2 channel versions at equal dimensions
  • LCD display for voltage or current
  • Variable rate of change of output voltage
  • Switchable polarity
  • Integrated protection and control circuits
  • Output overload and short circuit protected
  • SHV connector on rear side (up to 6 kV)
  • Remote control via RS232 (opt. CAN) or analogue voltages



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High Voltage power Supplies Series "STANDARD"
Deriving from the general requirements for High Voltage Power Supplies for detectors and other measurement systems for High Energy Physics a product family "Standard" has been developed which is the basis of our System applicable High Voltage power supplies.

The resolution for current- and voltage measurements of this Standard module is 1 µA and 1V.

High Voltage power supplies Series "HIGH PRECISION"
We developed a product family "HIGH Precision" for use in applications where higher stability and better measurement precision are necessary. Compared to the "Standard" family, the functionality, the stability, as well as the precision of the output voltage and the resolution of the  measurement of voltage and current have been improved.

The parameters for higher resolution are used under remote control.

Voltage resolution of 100 mV (opt. 10 mV) and current resolution of up to 100 pA make this unit to an instrument.


High Voltage power supplies Series "NIM LOW COST"
In the NIM-Format we offer a LOW COST version.
These units are without the serial interface, although analogue
monitoring and analogue control is still possible via an I/O port.
Varied modifications for applications in medicine, vacuum technology, nuclear and particle physics, neutron physics, physics at synchrotrons etc.




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