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HemEMC produkterÖvriga InstrumentSchlöder CWG 1500 Surge / Hybrid Generator

Schlöder CWG 1500 Surge / Hybrid Generator

Schlöder CWG 1500 Surge / Hybrid Generator
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The CWG 1500 is a combined surge current / voltage generator creating at idle mode a standard surge voltage with the pulse shape 1,2 / 50 μs and a surge current with the pulse shape 8 / 20 μs.

The values for voltage and current are displayed, for oscillographic investigations BNC-jacks for voltage and current monitoring are located on the rear.


With the built-in single-phase coupling network the interference impulses of the surge generator can be coupled on the mains of the connected EUT’s.


All parameters can be adjusted easily and clearly. With the aid of the memory key up to 25 adjustments can be directly activated - via serial interface the generator can also be operated by a personal computer.




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The test generator CWG 1500 simulates high energy interference impulses.

It can be used for EMC tests on installations and equipment according to the standards IEC 61000-4-5 and IEC 60.

  • Surge voltage pulse shape 1,2 / 50 μs
  • Amplitude 0,2 - 4,4 kV
  • Surge current pulse shape 8 / 20 μs
  • Amplitude 0,1 - 2,2 kA


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