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LCR Instrument

Andeen -Hagerling AH2550A Bridge, 1 kHz Automatic Capacitance Bridge
The World's Most Accurate Capacitance/Loss Bridge The AH 2550A offers unparalleled stability, resol...
Andeen-Hagerling 1100 capacitance standard frame
The AH 1100 capacitance standard frame containing from one to four AH 11A fused-silica capacitance s...
Andeen-Hagerling AH 11A fused-silica capacitance standards
User-Selected Values AH 11A capacitance standards can be ordered with any value from below 1 pF up t...
Andeen-Hagerling AH2700A 50 Hz - 20 kHz Ultra-precision Capacitance/Loss Bridge
Measures extremely low loss down to a dissipation factor of 1.5x10-8 tan d, a conductance of 3x10-7...
Guildline 6530 TeraOhm Bridge-Meter Resistance Range 100 kΩ to Over 10 PΩ
Guildline Instruments 6530 TeraOhm Bridge-Meter Series is the latest innovation in High Resistance a...
Guildline 6535 Automated High Resistance Measurement System
The 6535 is a modular High Resistance Measurement System consisting of Guildline's new 6530 TeraOhm ...
Hioki 3505 Kapacitansmätare för mätning av små kapacitanser med 1 kHz, 100 kHz eller 1 MHz
Enhanced repeatability measurement accuracy, so fittest for production line A self-calibration funct...
Hioki IM3536 LCR-mätare med mätfrekvens från DC, 4Hz till 8MHz
Snabb testtid på max 1msHög precisionsmätning med ±0,05%rdgGaranterad noggrannhet från 1mΩ, lågimpe...
Rohde & Schwarz HM8018 LCR-Meter 3½-Digits
Measurement Functions: L, C, R, Θ, Q/D, |Z| Basic Accuracy 0.2% 5 Measurement Frequencies: 100H...
5 420 SEK
Rohde & Schwarz HM8118 LCR-mätare med 0,05% basonoggrannhet, 20 Hz till 200 KHz
Basonogrannhet 0.05% Mät funktioner L,C, R, |Z|, X, |Y|, G, B, D, Q, Θ, Δ, M, N Test frekvenser från...
19 210 SEK
SRS SR715 LCR Meter med 0,2% basonoggrannhet, 10 kHz
0.2 % basic accuracy 5-digit display of L, C, R and Q or D Test frequencies to 10 kHz Up to 20 measu...
SRS SR720 LCR Meter med 0,05% basonoggrannhet, upp till 100 kHz
0.05 % basic accuracy 5-digit display of L, C, R and Q or D Test frequencies to 10 kHz Up to 20 meas...
TTi BS407 - Ohmmeter från 1µ Ohm till 20k Ohm med nät eller batteridrift
High basic accuracy of 0.1% Wide range of 1µ Ohm to 20k Ohm Current reversal switch for detecting t...
6 800 SEK
TTi LCR400 LCR Meter med 0,1% basonoggrannhet, 10 kHz
0.1% basic measurement accuracy Dual 5 digit high brightness displays Automatic component recognitio...
8 530 SEK
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