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SRS SR400 Photon Counter - Dual channel

SRS SR400 Photon Counter - Dual channel
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SRS SR400 Photon Counter - Dual channel
SRS SR400 Photon Counter - Dual channel

The SR400 has two independent channels that can count at rates up to 200 MHz. Different counting modes allow you to count for a fixed amount of time, until a certain number of counts have been received, or for a fixed number of triggers.

Each counting channel has its own gate generator providing counting gates as short as 5 ns or as long as 1 s.

The gates can be set in a fixed position relative to the trigger signal, or scanned to measure lifetimes or recover time-varying waveforms.


The actual inputs to the counters can be viewed as NIM level pulses from the discriminator outputs on the front panel. The discriminated pulses are negative going from 0 to -0.7 V. The DISC outputs are very useful when adjusting discriminator thresholds or gate timing.




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  • Two independent counting channels
  • Count rates to 200 MHz
  • 5 ns pulse-pair resolution
  • Gated and continuous modes
  • Gate scanning for time-resolved counting
  • Built-in discriminators
  • Gate and discriminator outputs
  • GPIB and RS-232 interfaces

The SR400 Dual-Channel Gated Photon Counter offers a convenient, integrated approach to photon counting that avoids the complexity and expense of older counting systems.

No longer is it necessary to mix and match amplifiers, discriminators, gate generators and counters.

The SR400 combines all these modules into a single, integrated, microprocessor controlled instrument.

Complex measurement tasks such as background subtraction, synchronous detection, source compensation and pile-up correction can all be performed easily with the SR400 



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