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Time Electronics 1090 Multifunktionell processkalibrator

Time Electronics 1090 Multifunktionell processkalibrator
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The 1090 is a high performance, simple key press operation, portable instrument combining source and measurement functions for thermocouples, RTDs, mV and mA.

Powered by 6 internal AA size batteries. The rechargeable version of these batteries are supplied in the instrument as standard, along with a mains re-charger. The batteries can be recharged without removing them from the instrument.





16 920 SEK (Exkl. moms)

21 150 SEK (Inkl. moms)

  • Measure/Simulate 8 thermocouples
  • Measure/Simulate PT100
  • ITS 90 standard
  • Measure/Source (uV/mV/mA)
  • Display in °C and °F
  • Automatic CJC - selectable
  • 10 point memory recall
  • Inching and Step functions
  • Mains/Battery + auto power down
  • Process loops 4-20mA and 0-50mA
  • 24V loop drive voltage

Thermocouple measurement and simulation:

The 1090 can verify and simulate the temperature/mV characteristics of a wide range of thermocouples to an accuracy of better than 0.05%.

Cold Junction Compensation: Automatic cold junction compensation is included for ease of use with a manual over-ride.


RTD, mV, and mA measurement and generation:

In addition to thermocouple simulation, the 1090 can also be used for measurement and simulation of PT100-RTD, plus measurement and generation of mV and mA.



Increment and decrement keys enable the output to be inched up or down in 0.1, 1 or 10 degC (menu settable) steps or temperatures. 1, 10, or 100uV steps are also available for voltage output. This feature is especially useful for calibrating thermostat type controllers with hysteresis.


Dual readout display:

A very useful feature of the 1090 is the pressing of a single key to change the display from temperature (°C or °F) to the equivalent uVs or ohms (for PT100-RTD).


Internal Memory and Step functions:

Frequently used values can be programmed into the 1090s non-volatile memory. These can be recalled at any time and stepped through either manually or automatically at a user settable rate.

The 1090 is supplied in a robust case with a carrying strap. A pocket for instruction manual and test leads is provided. Operation, including battery re-charging, is possible without removal from case.



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