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HemSRSPPM100 (Partial Pressure Monitor for RGA)

PPM100 (Partial Pressure Monitor for RGA)

PPM100 (Partial Pressure Monitor for RGA)
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  • Stand-alone RGA controller
  • 8-channel process control
  • Pressure vs. time curves
  • 4 analog input/output ports
  • RS-232, GPIB and USB interfaces
  • Web enabled

The PPM100 is a stand-alone controller/monitor for SRS residual gas analyzers. It measures partial pressures from SRS RGAs and total pressure from up to four capacitance manometers. Graphical output is available on a touchscreen LCD display. The PPM100 includes 8-channel process control capability, four analog I/O ports, RS-232, USB and GPIB computer interfaces, and a web interface.

A menu driven user-interface allows the operator to easily program RGA parameters from the front panel (i.e., no host PC is required). RGA data can be viewed as an analog scan, partial pressure vs. time, leak trend (w/ audio signal) or single mass readings. This data can also be linked to alarms, process control relays, and analog ports for closed-loop control of specific component gases.



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