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HomeEMC ProductsAccessoriesTekbox TBCAS1 coaxial adapter set

Tekbox TBCAS1 coaxial adapter set

Tekbox TBCAS1 coaxial adapter set
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Tekbox TBCAS1 coaxial adapter set




213 EUR


The TBCAS1 coaxial adapter set contains 44 pieces of the most common 50 Ohm coaxial adapters in a beech wood box.


Parts list
1 pc N-male to N-male
1 pc N-female to N-female
4 pcs N-male to SMA-female
2 pcs N-male to SMA-male
2 pcs N-male to SMB-female
4 pcs N-male to BNC-female
1 pc N-male to BNC-male
1 pc N-female to BNC-male
1 pc N-female to BNC-female
2 pcs N-female to SMA-female
2 pcs N-female to SMA-male
1 pc N-female to SMB-female
1 pc BNC-male to BNC-male
1 pc BNC-female to BNC-female
1 pc BNC-male to RCA-female
1 pc BNC-female to RCA-male
1 pc BNC-male to SMA-male
2 pcs BNC-male to SMA-female
1 pc BNC-female to SMA-male
2 pcs BNC-female to SMA-female
3 pcs SMA-female to SMA-female
3 pcs SMA-male to SMA-male
2 pcs SMA-male to SMB-male
2 pcs SMA-male to SMB-female
2 pcs SMA-female to SMB-female 



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